One Stop Solution Integrates Business and Social Intelligence

BrandON Media AG, a provider of social intelligence services, announced that it has joined the TIBCO Spotfire® Partner Network. BrandON Media AG is now able to present data and analytics pertaining to any topic - in addition to their own specialized web interface - all on the leading analytics platform TIBCO Spotfire. BrandON Media AG is now able to offer Social and Business Intelligence services in a one-stop integrated solution called BrandON SEE.

This new innovation by BrandON Media AG will help to popularize the solution within new use cases, including sales and after-sales, reaching well beyond the existing applications with marketing and PR departments. BrandON SEE presents big data to the end-user in a manner that is easily consumed, avoiding the cumbersome burden of sifting through large amounts of data.

Spotfire® enables partners to deliver a highly differentiated solution, using proven, award-winning technology, and certified training and support resources. The TIBCO Spotfire® Analytics platform, comprehensive application programming interfaces (APIs), and software development kits (SDKs), enable partners to quickly and easily develop world-class solutions that serve any business user, from analysts to executives. Unlike BI, TIBCO Spotfire is radically faster and more adaptable to specific industry or business analytic challenges.

“Our cooperation with managers, after-sales managers and other industry professionals, gives us insight into the needs and problems of the industry,” said Marcin Gromke, chief technology officer, BrandON Media AG. ”We want to support our customers with the right solutions and data flow, that go deeper than general media buzz analysis, and assist them in making strategic business decisions. Our partnership with TIBCO greatly enhances what is possible,, as it enables BrandON to have access to excellent Business Intelligence tools which are complemented with BrandON Social Intelligence.”

“Companies around the world are coming to TIBCO, looking to adopt and leverage differentiated analytics solutions that can speed their ability to gain key insights from internal and external data sources,” said Bill Doyle, vice president indirect channels, TIBCO Analytics, “By expanding our partner network to include leaders like BrandON Media, we are able to radically increase our ability to provide the Two-Second Advantage™ to customers in a wider range of industries and domain areas.”
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About BrandON Media AG:
BrandON Media AG is a provider of Social Media monitoring, data mining and analytics solutions for mid- to big-sized companies. They offer a broad product suite for generic applications as well as a range of very specific industry use cases (e.g. Automotive After Sales, Investor Relations). BrandON Media AG is currently present on the German and Polish markets.
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